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North Seattle Carpet Cleaning has taken great pride in providing high quality workmanship in every phase of operations, including carpet cleaning, embracing complete restyling and removing stubborn pet odour. We are excited to offer some new carpet cleaning equipment and technology.
Apart, we have more than 3 years experience of resolving all of your carpet needs.
North Seattle Carpet Cleaning offers carpet and upholstery cleaning via hot water extraction for residential and commercial customers in and around Seattle, WA. My customers can rest assured knowing they have an IICRC certified carpet cleaning technician working on the carpets in their homes. Its important to me that I build positive comfortable relationships with everyone I work with. I am open with my customers about my technical capabilities, my prices, and my experience.

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My goal is to exceed the expectations of my customers by delivering top quality service and clear communication at an affordable cost! How and Why I started NSCC: Before becoming a carpet cleaning professional, I had explored a variety of different fields of service. My experiences include working Seattle Farmers Markets for several small businesses and farms, creating promotional digital media for artists and small business owners, and working as a forestry and wildlife technician in Hawaii. These work experiences have been fruitful, but I have always had an urge to start and lead a company of my own. I educated myself about how to start a successful business and eventually was able to start North Seattle Carpet Cleaning! Goals for NSCC: While North Seattle Carpet Cleaning is currently a one man show, my goal is to hire an assistant and a field manager. Throughout my professional career, I have been lucky to work for great managers and have lead teams of my own on company projects. Social Initiative: I hope the above narrative gave you a clear idea of North Seattle Carpet Cleaning, and about who I am as a professional. Thank you for reading about me and my company. I hope to hear from you next time you need your carpets cleaned! Matt Crimi North Seattle Carpet Cleaning Seattle, WA, USA


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We understand time is of the essence on your project. We are dedicated to make sure our clients timelines are met.


Quality Assurance Program

We use fresh towels and mop heads at each property to prevent passing dirt/bacteria from one location to the next.


Building managers looking for trusted name in the industry can rely on
North Seattle Carpet Cleaning for swift service and a job well done!